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Your beard needs a mist under this hot weather!
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Your skin really need a good boast after the long weekend. Try Lab series now!https://www.whathewants.com.my/product-brand/lab-series-for-men/
100% natural deodorant. Aluminium free. New from Triumph & Disaster. Get it now at
Get Morgan’s beard and moustache care products at
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Sea Salt Spray is a must for oily hair.
Because the salt absorbs the natural oils, hair looks fuller and is easier to style. Try our bestseller Triumph & Disaster Karekare Tonic Sea Salt Spray now!https://www.whathewants.com.my/shop/triumph-disaster-karekare-hair-tonic-150ml/#malaysianhair #malaysiahair #hairpomademalaysia #pomademalaysia #malaysiapomade
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RM79.90 each for American Crew Fiber and Pomade. Limited time only!
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Percy Nobleman Beard Conditioning Oil is truly unique. It harnesses the natural benefits of Argan, Avocado, Jojoba and Alomond oils that leave your beard feeling softer and tame than ever before. Get one now at
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With the popularity of devil’s delight range, Billy Jealousy introduce 2 new products. Devil’s delight Matte Pomade and Body Wash. Try them now!https://www.whathewants.com.my/product-brand/billy-jealousy/#pomademalaysia #bodywashmalaysia
Going away on a short tip? Why not use our Percy Nobleman Travel Tin to keep your beard looking in tip top shape!https://www.whathewants.com.my/shop/percy-nobleman-travel-tin/#beardmalaysia #beardoilmalaysia #beardsofmalaysia #malaysianbeard
Get hot with new Versace Eros Flame EDP. 30% into offer now at
Remember to include sunscreen in your daily morning  skincare routine. Have a good weekend, everyone:)
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How to Use Lab Series BB Tinted Moisturiser


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